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Bill Graber, of Twining Construction Company, was the construction superintendent on our recent $2.75 million renovation project. Our project was particularly difficult because it, involved historic buildings, new additions, the integration of old and new areas and the need to keep our Church operating throughout construction.

Bill is knowledgeable, experienced and well organized. He worked well with our architect, the trades who came on-site and with the various members of our staff who were involved with the project.

I can recommend Bill wholeheartedly and Twining Construction as well.

Ron Cronise, Business Administrator, Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church

This letter serves as my recommendaizion for Bill Graber as a supetintendent of general construction, He is one of the best superintendents Í have Wodícd with over the last: 20 years.

Í ‘Worked with Bill on the Lower Bucks Public Safety Trairling Center in Croydon, PA. In addition to being the sup eríntendent for Twínilig Construction, Bill was also the project coordinator. He was responsible to schedule the work of the three (3) other prime contractors and coordinate their work along with his own work. Bill was so effrcient at his job“, we Èmíshed the project six (6) Weeks ahead of Schedule.

While maintaining the schedule and coordinating the other three (3) prime contractors, Bill performed this Without any change orders. Bill achieved this with a proactive approach. He would notify the architect/ engineer of any pending conflict before anything was installed. In addition, Bill would provide a solution to the pending conflict.

I am convinced Bill Graber will perform at the same level for anyproject you assign him.

Eric Gianelle, AIA, Associate

I have worked with Mr* Bill Graben from Twining Construction on two major projects at Bucks County Community College

The ‘First involved a ‘total renovation a 2@ person office suite

The second involved the Renovations Student Spaces, construction of a new elevator at Founders Hall, retrofit and update of our existing elevator which included adding a new stop to access the Student Lounge, construction of a new elevator inside the Student Union, and various upgrades to interior finishes and doors throughout the complex

Both of these projects were undertaken while the buildings were occupied Mr Graber communicated most effectively as to how Twining Construction would go about performing thework There was never a time where consideration of the employees and students was not at the top of his concern Although we had to relocate offices and staff, the agreed upon work schedules were met on time

Both projects were a success. First by providing a quality end result and secondly by minimizing disruption where possible during some of the heavy demolition and construction that took place

Our success with these two major projects is attributed to the attention to detail that Mr. Graber kept as a priority throughout all ot the phases of the project.

Mark P Grisi, Executive Director, Physical Plant, Bucks County Community College

I understand you are considering Twining Construction for a building project at your school and that Bill Graber would be the Construction Superintendent for the project. I can highly recommend both Twining and Bill for the project.

The building project at Zion Lutheran involved a 6,700 square foot addition to our Parish center with construction from June 2010 to June 2011. We chose Twining Construction because of their past
experience with non-profit organizations and We remain pleased with our decision. The project Went smoothly, and Tvvining maintained very good relationships with the many stakeholders involved in a non-profit, church environment.

Bill Graber did an excellent job as Construction Superintendent. Zion Lutheran operates the Long Valley Christian Nursery School in the building immediately adjacent to the construction site and now in the new building. Our biggest concern going into the project Was for the safety of the children during the school day and during drop-offs and pick-ups. Bill Worked very closely with the Nursery School Director and staff in maintaining a safe site and in minimizing outside construction activity
during drop­off and times. We had Zero incidents during the 12 month construction period.

Bill also Worked Very closely with the church representatives as construction progressed. He did not just Wait for the every other Week construction status meetings to address any questions or issues that
arose, but rather dealt with any questions or issues as they arose. This kept us Well informed and keptconstruction on schedule. There Were no significant issues during construction and the only delay in completion of the project was due to Weather. Now almost 9 months after completion, We remain very pleased with the quality ofthe project.

In closing, I have no reservations in recommending Twining Construction and Bill Graber. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (908) 813-2795.

William P. Keane, Zion Lutheran Building Committee

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those involved with the Bucks County Community College cafeteria renovation project. The only thing more amazing than the finished product is the professionalism that Twining exhibited throughout. This project was full tear-out and complete rebuild with a timeline of just one month! Steve and his crew didn’t flinch, which made some of us confident and others nervous, but true to his word he made the deadline with time to spare which was absolutely critical to the success that our operation is experiencing today. Missing the opening by even one day could have impacted our program through the entire spring semester. The cafeteria at Bucks is now a showcase account for our company. New clients and existing clients with upcoming renovations are using us as the model of what their operations should look like. I tell them the easiest way to get there….. call Twining.

Thanks again for everything,
Steve DiSalvio, Director of Dining Services, CulinArt at Bucks County Community College

Thank you to everyone at Twining Construction for making our construction fit-out at Cornerstone Health & Fitness/New Hope everything that was promised. As any project of this magnitude we incurred situations that could have lead to considerable delays and additional complications. You’ve clearly developed a team of great people that seem to stay on track, rectify any unexpected detours and finish the job (on time) with detailed craftsmanship.

My special thanks to Steve McIntyre in supervising our project. It was a real pleasure and comfort working with Steve, knowing that everything was being handled professionally and as requested.

I look forward to working with Twining Construction with any of our future construction projects.”

Jim Bishop, President, Cornerstone Health & Fitness

Twining’s The Best!

In April of 2001 The Newtown Library Company, located on Centre Avenue in Newtown Borough, had begun a project to renovate itself. After many scope revisions, and working with the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, we received a Grant which enabled us to begin the demolition & renovation process. The project began in November of 2003 and was completed in March of 2004. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

As typical with large projects (large to us, small to Twining), many construction bids were reviewed and Twining Construction was chosen. They were chosen not purely on their bidding price, which was very competitive, but on the presentation and genuine personal appeal John McIntyre gave to the process. John, as President of Twining Construction, was the primary bid negotiator and was so friendly and attentive to every detail and question, there was not much not to like. A family run business, with son and wife close at hand, Twining Construction really did seem like I was working with my own family.

Every step of the way, through requested changes & small glitches (through no fault of their own), John and his team were there to answer all questions and fix whatever needed fixing. The work of every person on the Twining team was terrific – from the demolition crew to the carpenters to the office staff – every one was a pleasure to work with.

So………… my hat is off to Twining, and the next time we renovate, I know just who to call!

Donna Gusty, Newtown Library Company Board Member

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work your company has done on the New Fire Department Substation in Montgomery Township. I have worked on a number of low bid, multi-prime contracts over the years and each time, depending on the prime contractors you get, you never know how the construction phase of the project is going to play out. I am happy to say that this project, due in large part to your company, has run incredibly smooth.

I also believe that one of the main reasons the project has run so smoothly is due to the hard work of your site superintendent, Brian Swanker. Brian’s meticulous work and dedication to the project helped insure that the final product would be something we could all be proud of. He was also able to work effectively with the other Contractors and, as you know, that can sometimes be a very difficult task in multi-prime construction.

I hope that we can work together again in the future. To that end, I will contact you from time to time when I have the opportunity to get a General Contractor involved in some of the projects that come through our office. From our past conversations I believe your experience with me and Kimmel Bogrette has been favorable as well. If you think I can be of service on any of your upcoming work please give me a all.

Jonathan S. Trump, RA, Associate, Montgomery Township Fire Station

The Board of Directors of the Lions Camp Kirby wants to sincerely thank you for your company’s generous donation. Having six experienced craftsmen work a full day on our renovation project on June 21, 2000 was a big help in moving the project along.

William G. Allin, Treasurer, Lions Camp Kirby

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